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We are manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel and mild steel elliptical, oval and flat-sided oval tubes.

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Oval Tubes (UK) Limited was acquired by its present owners in 2012 with the aim of further developing the business and its product range.

Based in Norwich UK, manufacturing and supplying a range of stainless steel and mild steel elliptical, oval and flat-sided oval tubes, the company offers a fresh range of products that includes a selection of well-balanced profiles which work especially well where lasting visual impact and tactility are essential.

Formally ‘Eliptec Systems’
Additionally, and at the same time, the company is ensuring that greater choice is now available in the market place. In 2016, and coming towards the end of our fourth year of trading, we moved forward with a planned change of company name. Taking the ‘it does what it says on the tin’ approach, our name was changed from Eliptec Systems Limited to Oval Tubes (UK) Limited.

Moving forward, we will continue to develop and add new stainless and mild steel profiles to our product range to ensure that we are able to offer an expanding choice of oval tubes to customers and specifiers alike. We supply products throughout the UK and also to other European Countries and, through our distributors, our products are now available ‘door to door’ worldwide.

Quality and service
A growing number of our customers use our company for on-going and repeat order requirements which we see as a vital foundation for sustained business growth and development. We are, however, committed to offering all customers, new and old, a consistent quality of service. All enquiries and orders we deal with, whether large, small, repeat, one-off or your own bespoke product, will be welcome.

Sound values, experience and a strong customer focused approach to service are some of the key components that can be found within our family business team here at Oval Tubes (UK) Limited.

We look forward to hearing from you.