Application and uses for our oval steel tubes

All elliptical and oval steel tubes in the range are manufactured and supplied from our UK premises.

Product application for our elliptical and oval steel tube

Designed to comply with BS 6180, the product is highly versatile and can be put to many different uses including balustrade and wall rail products, buffer rails, card reader bollards, parapet coping rails and many other imaginative applications. It can be specified for use in locations such as private dwellings, shopping malls, offices, hotels, airports and other public places, both internally and externally.

The range includes our 50 x 38 oval profile which is comfortable to grasp but retains the visual appeal of the oval shape. This product is available in both grade 304 & 316 Stainless steel and mild steel ERW for coating as required.

Oval tubes uses

  • Handrail to balustrades
  • Wall rails
  • Chair and furniture sections
  • Pilasters
  • Card reader bollards
  • Kick rails
  • Lighting poles
  • Street signs
  • Lighting tubes
  • Buffer rails
  • Boat rails
  • Grab rails
  • Door furniture
  • Baluster posts
  • Decorative Shrouds
  • Architectural impact and decoration offering visual and tactile alternatives to standard sections

Oval steel tube range and sizes

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Oval steel tubes

Our comprehensive range of oval steel tube:

  • Stainless grades 304 and 316
  • ERW sections suitable for paint and PPC
  • Wide range of sizes

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