Mild steel ERW tubes

Influencing choice and design on so many construction projects, mild steel ERW is one of the key building materials being specified for use around the world today.

Oval mild steel ERW tube suppliers

Amongst a host of tubular steel sections that are being used in design and construction today, one of the most visually pleasing and tactile of these must be oval and elliptical profiles. In furniture manufacture, balustrade and handrail construction, architectural projects, street furniture and for decorative solutions, these products are key elements in achieving many of the goals required for good design.

Oval Tubes (UK) Limited currently supply mild steel oval and elliptical sections in 17 different profiles worldwide, typically using grade BS EN10305-3 E220 and similar or equivalent steel. All profiles can be found in our product range.

Our customers will specify our mild steel ERW oval products when colour is a key requirement of the building design as the sections can be polyester powder coated or spray painted to give a high quality finish.

If you're thinking about sourcing ERW mild steel tube for your next project, speak to us today and we'll be happy to help.

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Our oval mild steel ERW tubes range

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Product size (mm) Oval Mild Steel ERW
Wall thickness (mm)
1.5 2.0 3.0
32 x 16      
48 x 24      
50 x 38      
65 x 32      
70 x 35      
75 x 25      
77 x 38      
90 x 45      
90 x 60      
98 x 50      
103 x 51      
130 x 66      
146 x 76      
162 x 83      
194 x 64      
195 x 101