Getting the right steel tubing for the job

The average person could probably be forgiven for thinking that all steel tubing is pretty much the same thing, with maybe a few variations in size but no other real differences. However, they would be very wrong. It is quite likely that many of us don’t pay much attention to what steel tubing we see in our day to day lives when in fact it has far more uses than you would think. However, as those people who are in the know will be aware getting the right steel tubing for a job is vital, and finding a supplier who can help you with all your requirements can make your job a lot easier.

Uses for steel tubing

All the steel tubing that is available to purchase at Oval Tubes (UK) Limited can be incorporated in to your designs that are required to comply with BS 6180, the standard which is applied to all barriers, both temporary and permanent that are designed to protect the public from hazards, restrict areas or control traffic. It is a highly versatile product that has a great many uses in a variety of different settings - it can be used for balustrades & handrails, buffer rails, card reader bollards, parapet coping rails, street signs, grab rails and boat rails. In fact, when it comes to its uses, these products are highly versatile and have many uses that will enhance the visual design and tactility of your project.

Steel tubing is suitable for use both indoors and outside, and can be used in private dwellings or public locations such as shopping centres, office buildings, hotels, airports and many other public spaces.

Things to consider when choosing your steel tubing

Size – What size of steel tubing do you need? As most steel tubing is produced in sections you will need to make some careful calculations to ensure that you purchase the correct amount – not only in length but in diameter.

Grade – What grade of tubing do you require for the job you are doing? Internal and external locations or marine environments are key considerations.

Shape – The shape of tubing you need is very important to consider – oval and elliptical tube profiles can improve the final design result. If it is to be used as a form of hand rail or grab rail then you will need to look for something that will be comfortable to grasp; too large and it can be hard to hold onto safely, too small and it may not be comfortable.

Suitable for painting – Do you want your steel tubing to keep its natural look or do you require a product that can be painted or coated? This will very much depend of course on your design brief and what you are using the tubing for.

Thickness – How thick do you need you steel tubing to be?

Steel tubing for every application

The range of 19 sizes of steel tubing sections available at Oval Tubes (UK) Limited is available in 2 different stainless steel grades as well as mild steel ERW, which is suitable for coating or painting, and three different thicknesses. However not all sizes are available in all thicknesses. To help you decide, there is a handy table on the website which will show you exactly what is available. The 50 x 38 tubing is the most suitable profile for grasping comfortably, making it ideal for hand rails or grab rails.

If of course you do not see exactly what you are looking or aren’t sure which product would be best for the job, then we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements to help you get the right steel tubing for the job at hand.

Oval steel tubes

Our comprehensive range of oval steel tube:

  • Stainless grades 304 and 316
  • ERW sections suitable for paint and PPC
  • Wide range of sizes

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